The stories of our DNA can be traced all around the world. The threads embedded into us through our heritage, the layers we shed and adopt, and ultimately how we fashion ourselves in our own individual way is a gift to this world. It has the power to heal and give perspective on all that is past, present and future within and around us.

This series is a visual representation of the beauty of being all mixed up. It includes traditional folk elements from Central, South and South West Asia, North and West Africa and Eastern Europe but meant to be reflective of similarities in folk traditions around the world. They are brought together and reimagined in a modern way through makeup, styling and drawn on symbolic illustrations by artist Meryem Meg inspired by her own mixed background. The models featured are also of mixed heritage.

Styling Nicoletta Marie Lyons & Feda Eid. Wardrobe and Jewelry by Zamarut JewelLolas Urban Vintage, Emmy Ember and my friend Heidi Sleiman's closet. Model Tayla Fernandez. Model Anika Obasiolu. Makeup artist Mariolga Nido Pantazopoulos,  Julie Silva,  Desire Reggiannini. Hair Julie Silva.