As a first generation, Lebanese-American, Muslim woman I struggled to find my place in the fabric of this country. We are all a product of the many intersections life, part of the "American dream" involves building ourselves. What can we make of ourselves? 

I am working on a series called “Made in U.S.A.” that explores the tension and beauty of being an American with immigrant roots, looking critically at how I was made in the USA, as well as the history of Americas violent past and present, a land stripped from its indigenous people, its structures and traditions built on enslaved Africans. A land that my family sought for safety and opportunity. 

My growing pains looked a little different, living in a country that is hostile towards Arab and Muslims, this pressure to assimilate and be "patriotic". I am challenging what patriotic looks like because I am proud of what I have made of myself despite having to grow between this tension. I am here sharing a view from my lens, consumed, grown, digested, planted and rebirthed in the USA.

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