REFLECTED is a visual story of past and present that sheds light on the importance of representation in museum spaces in the US. Spaces that often exclude the stories, faces, and bodies of marginalized voices and identities.

Set against the dramatic, yet complicated, backdrop of the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum's historic galleries, the series features diverse millennial artists and visionaries from Boston as they interact with the art and architecture of the past--each individual photographed is celebrated as a work of art and the unique embodiment of their own personal history and identity.

Throughout the images you will see different aspects of the museums interiors mirrored with the creatives of the present. You'll see their reflections in mirrors, physically becoming a part of the space, posing in front of draped sculptures and alongside the museums many framed portraits with their Own ornamentation and strength. The aged effects on the photographs were added to mimic old film photographic processes and symbolize that these identities have always been here. The effects also resemble a mirrored reflection adding to the emotion and a reclamation of spaces.

The series creates a unique visual statement that captures this moment in time as we redefine, reimagine and create a present and future that reflects us all.

Featuring: Paloma Valenzuela, Chimel Idiokitas, Porsha Olayiwola, Aiden Nguyen, Sumaiya Zama, and Feda Eid (self-portrait). 

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