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Feda Eid is a visual artist from Boston, MA. Her parents immigrated to the United States from Lebanon in 1982. She was exposed to many different cultures from an early age, and this inspires her eclectic aesthetic and free spirited nature in her images. Feda studied Sociology at Regis College and took a strong interest in exploring the 2nd generation immigrant identity. She runs a fashion, portrait and wedding photography business in Boston and works on personal projects in her spare time. Feda also shares her personal style and self expression through her fashion blog 

Her artful eye has been commissioned by PapayaArt, Spiritual Empowerment Coach Renee Airya, Sisco Berlutti Jewelry, Fashion boutique Reina Valentina and many more.

To me, photography is as much a spiritual experience as anything else. From models emoting through fashion, to the love between two souls on their wedding day, there is a beauty in creating and being present to moments as they unfold.

Growing up Lebanese-American, there was always a pull towards dissecting and analyzing all that I am, and the people and cultures around me. I would take it in and express all that I saw through my art. In high school I found comfort in stroking my emotions onto canvas. In college I majored in Sociology but it wasn’t until senior year that I took a photography course that the direction of my entire life would change.

My degree in Sociology and my love for photography create a unique perspective that I am continuously exploring and growing in. Art has always been a strong inspiration in my life. Living life in an artful way and giving art to others is one of the most gratifying experiences to me. I love that I can capture and create something special to cherish or be inspired by. I truly believe being exactly who you are is the greatest gift you can give the world. That is what I hope to share with you!

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