Feda Eid is a Lebanese American photographer and visual artist from Boston, MA. Her work explores the self expression of heritage, tradition, culture and identity and the often tense but beautiful space between what is felt, what is said and and what is lost in translation. She is guided and inspired by her own story as a child of Lebanese immigrants who fled civil war and found opportunity in America, who was raised in a family of seven children, and is a blend of the American and global culture of today. She believes in the telling of personal narratives to help broaden our perspectives and ultimately help us see the universal emotions that connect us all.

Feda has a BA in Sociology from Regis College and studied photography at New England School of Photography.

Exhibitions and Features

Upcoming- Group exhibit- Aspects of Me at the Club Cafe, Boston, May 9, 2017

Solo Exhibit- FOLKLORIC HYBRIDS at City Pop Egleston, Boston, February 2017

Featured- FOLKLORIC HYBRIDS- Afrostyle Magazine January 2017

Solo Exhibit- FOLKLORIC HYBRIDS at Future Lab Anti Gallery, Boston, October 2016

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