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Diaspora: Made in USA, 2019
Archival Ink Print

Signed & Editioned

Small 8x12 out of 40.

Medium 12x18 out of 40.

Large 20x30 out of 10. 

100% of profit will go organizations helping those most impacted in Lebanon. These are fully vetted, two of the three started by people I know personally in an effort to ensure funds do not reach corrupt hands. I chose them specifically for their grassroots efforts, transparency and for providing care to some of the most marginalized and underserved communities in Lebanon. 

Jude Chehab- film maker from Beirut working with a local group of women at Al Makan Lebanon, they are on the ground in the most affected areas from the explosion, providing any necessary support from fixing homes, to providing rent, groceries, mental health care and any other critical needs.

This is Lebanon-  Run by a coalition of former migrant workers and Lebanese activists, This is Lebanon aims to effectively end the kafala system, a system that has led to abuse of migrant workers, entrapment without pay, passports withheld with no protections for these workers. They are currently on the ground helping migrants affected by the explosion and collecting funds to help get them tickets to travel back home. 

Nuday Syria- NGO supporting Syrian refugees in Lebanon and all who need aid in Beirut. Syrian refugees make up more than 1.5 million people in Lebanon and have less access to care. They are providing food baskets and sending shipping containers with household items and clothing. 

Prints are done locally and upon demand, please allow up to two weeks from your date of purchase for them to be shipped out.

Packaged with reducing waste in mind. Materials are compostable or recyclable except for label.